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Burger King still has the best tasting burgers — don’t at me! everything else is debatable but them patties? that stack sauce? the Hershey’s pie?? BFFR!

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Come for the burgers, stay for the tweets. Drop us a DM to talk about your food. Restaurant …

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Hey there Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention that you needed to cancel your order. We’d like to follow up with you ASAP.

Burger King Twitterissä: “@BarbiesFriday @PinkBlue1000 …

Nicki Minaj · @NICKIMINAJ · Tämä twiitti ei ole saatavilla. 169 ; Burger King · @BurgerKing · @NICKIMINAJ. we stan. 48 ; NM · @BarbiesFriday · @BurgerKing · King …

Burger King Twitterissä: ” in a relationship it’s complicated …

Burger Sandwiches! … Bring Back SATISFRIES(CRINKLE CUT) PLEASE ! (WOOSTER) AREA LOVES THEM !!!! … Enter here for FREE to have a chance to win a $25 Burger King …

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The official twitter channel of Burger King India … Stunning movie starter pack #BurgerKingIndia #BurgerKing #BK #StunnerMenu #Stunned #EkdumPachaas.

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@BurgerKingCAN. The official Twitter of Burger King Canada // Le compte Twitter officiel de BK Canada. Canada burgerking.ca Joined October 2014.

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did you miss me. 741. 314. 3,482. gavintino · @gavintino. ·. Sep 3, 2021. Replying to. @BurgerKing. I LOVE BURGER KING!

Burger King falls prey to Twitter hack – Marketing Week

Burger King falls prey to Twitter hack

Hackers renamed the Twitter account and replaced Burger King’s branding with McDonald’s, claiming Burger King had been sold to its rival. Hackers used hashtags …

Latest hack could damage brands’ trust in Twitter.

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